Your signature is the part of your handwriting that says the most about
your personality. It is quite normal for your signature to change during your life
as your signature reflects how you evolve as a person. It is also common to have several signatures, for example a more formal signature (name and surname) when you sign a credit card or passport, and an informal signature (just your first name) when you sign a birthday card.

Your formal signature. A signature usually contains either a first name and a surname, or initials and a surname,
or, less frequently a first name and initials. Your first name represnts your private or family self, and your surname represents your public self,
how you are socially and at work.

If your first name is more prominent in your signature, this implies that you have positive feelings about your childhood and that your “private” self is more important to you than your “public” self.

If your surname is more prominent, this means that your “public” self is more important to you. The more space there is between your name and surname, the more you wish to keep your public and private self separate.

If you use only initials either for your first name or your surname in your signature, this means that you are more secretive about this part of your personality (your private or public persona).

Legibility. A legible signature, where names can be clearly read, implies that you are a person with clear ideas and objectives. The more illegible your signature is, the less assertive you are as a person, and the more you tend to avoid a conflict.

Angle. Most signatures are horizontal, rising, or descending. A rising signature means that you are the kind of person who, when faced with problems, will work to overcome them. Usually optimistic, you are in control and ambitious. A descending signature means that you have a tendency to get depressed and give up when faced with problems, and
lack self-confidence. Some people’s signatures fo throught a hard time or an illness. A horizontal signature suggests an emotionally stable person who is well-balanced and generally satisfied with the way their life is going.

Size. If your signature is bigger than the rest of the letter or document you have written, that means that you are self-confident and have quite a high opinion of yourself, Some people actually sign in capital letters, which siggests they are arrogant rather than self-confident. People whose signature is smaller than the rest of the text may be insecure and have low self-esteem.



  • signature – подпись
  • formal signature -официальная подпись
  • prominent – выступающий, выдающийся
  • public self – общественная часть личности
  • legibility – разборчивость
  • illegible – неразборчивый
  • assеrtive – ассертивный, уверенный, напористый
  • avoid a conflict – избегать конфликта
  • to face problems – сталкиваться с проблемами
  • to overcome problems – преодолевать проблемы
  • rising or descending – повышающийся или понижающийся
  • lack of self-confidence – нехватка самоуверенности
  • initials – инициалы
  • handwriting – почерк
  • low self-esteem – комплекс неполноценности, низкая самооценка
  • emotionally stable person – эмоционально устойчивый человек