Ajilon Finance, a leading staffing and recruiting services firm, offers the following tips for getting ahead in your career.

  1. Make a list of your priorities and outline your tasks for the day. Write down your short- and long-term goals, evaluate your progress frequently and stay focused.
  2. Are you really present? You may physically be at work, but are you there mentally?
  3. Learn how to work through others. Delegating tasks is an important skill to master your level.
  4. Always look for opportunities to broaden your skills. For example, you can attend professional development seminars.
  5. Socialize with colleagues. This will help you learn about what’s happening in other departments.
  6. Create your own goals. Determine where you want to be professionally and what skills you need to reach the goal.
  7. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Accept challenges that force you to try something new.
  8. Be clear about what you want. If you believe you deserve a promotion, ask for one.
  9. Take time off and relax. Attending to your personal life and doing things that make you happy will help your performance at work.
  10. Seek satisfaction.  If you’re disappointed by your current career, look for ways to transform your job into more of what you want. If this does not solve a problem, maybe it’s time to look for a new position.


“If you follow this advice, you will significantly increase your opportunities to earn more money, get promoted sooner and move ahead faster”, says Mr Lebovits, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ajilon Finance.


to get ahead – продвигаться

to make a list of priorities – составить список приоритетов

to outline the tasks – выделить задачи

short- and long-term goals – кратко- и долговременные цели

to evaluate the progress – оценивать прогресс

to stay focused – оставаться сосредоточенным

to be present physically and mentally – присутствовать и телом и умом

to delegate tasks – передавать задачи

to master – совершенствоваться

to look for opportunities – искать возможности

to broaden the skills – расширять навыки

to attend professional development seminars – посещать семинары по профессиональному росту

to socialize with colleagues – общаться с коллегами

to reach the goal – достигать цели

to determine – определить

to accept challenges – принимать вызовы

to deserve a promotion – заслуживать повышения

to take time off – брать отгул

performance at work – результаты/производительность труда

to seek satisfaction – искать удовлетворения

to be disappointed by smth – быть разочарованным чем-либо

to look for ways to do smth – искать способы сделать что-либо

to solve a problem – решать проблему

to look for a new position – искать новую должность

to follow the advice – последовать совету

to get promoted – получить повышение


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