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Russia is an amazing country in what it regards its culture, mentality, history and I won’t have any fears to say its future, too. Because, for now this is the only country which can still resist imperialist attacks of the USA all over the world. So if we take into consideration all above said, is Russian worth of being learnt?

Certainly, when you learn another language, you broaden your horizon. But when the French learn English, they still stay in the same line, I mean in the same branch of languages. Another story is if they start learning Chinese or Japanese. There they will find themselves in an astonishing world of right hemisphere, creative and pictorial way of thinking. But Russian is always something different, this is a touch to the mysterious Russian soul, as soon as any language contains the soul of its nation which is confirmed by the Czech byword: «Learn a new language and get a new soul».

Moreover, we should remember a famous saying of Nelson Mandela: «If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.»  And definitely that would be a great effort to learn Russian to feel this. Russia in a huge country with ancient civilization. And there are still quite many educated people here who bear and preserve fundamentals of our nation.

When foreigners start learning Russian, it seems to them the hardest work they have ever done. I agree and can calm you down: the Russians also think so. Russian which is taught from a primary school might stay a puzzle even for Russians themselves, especially those who haven’t made enough efforts to learn it properly. In this language hardly every single word is an exception. And the saying “There are no rules without exceptions” here should be said vice versa: “There are no exceptions without rules”.

I would like to offer you to study Russian with me. Why with me? First of all, because I am Russian. Secondly, I am a teacher. And, thirdly, because I am an enthusiast and I like this business. I also possess English and French, and this can facilitate the first introductory classes.

In fact, in learning process the most important thing is the ability to grab the attention of a student, to make classes always different and useful, to make them efficient and engaging. All the rest will be added. I know how to do this with a foreign for me language and I can open you the door to this world. And, no doubt, you will appreciate this knowledge in the light of future events and the future role of Russia in the world.

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