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  • My boss is a cold fish. I don’t know if he likes me or not. – холоден
  • She has a heart of gold. She’ll always help anyone with anything. – доброе сердце
  • She’s as hard as nails. She doesn’t care who she hurts. – жестокий
  • I hope Jack doesn’t come tonight. He is such a pain in the neck. – заноза
  • That sound like a difficult situation. I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes. – на вашем месте
  • He will have to pull his socks up if he wants to pass the exam. – подтянуться
  • What a dress! You’re really dressed to kill tonight. – сногсшибательно выглядеть
  • That suit fits her like a glove. Did she have it especially made for her? – подходить как перчатка
  • I’m sick and tired of telling you to do your homework. Get on with it! – устать
  • When I saw the burglar I was scared stiff. – перепуган насмерть
  • He finally passed his driving test! He’s over the moon! – рад до небес
  • You look a bit down in the dumps. Has life been treating you badly? – в упадке, депрессии
  • I’m completely worn out. I just want to sit down and put my feet up. – истощен
  • When I saw her, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked ten years younger. – не верить своим глазам
  • Could you give me a hand with my homework? It’s really difficult. – помогать
  • You really put your foot in it when you told Mark that Jane had been married before.  – сесть в калошу
  • You can’t be serious. You must be pulling my leg! – шутить
  • I can’t  remember her name but it’s on the tip of my tongue. – вертеться на языке
  • I’m not sure I want to go climbing now. I’m starting to get cold. – холодать
  • The test is on Friday. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. – чувствовать нервозность
  • When Miriam left David, she broke his heart. – разбить сердце
  • I can’t get that song out of my head. I keep whistling it. – выбросить из головы
  • You need to learn the irregular past tenses by heart. – наизусть
  • I need to tell somebody about it and get it off my chest. – излить душу
  • He has a good year for music. He can sing a tune as soon as he’s heard it. – хороший слух
  • He’s not singing the same notes as we are. He’s completely out of tune. – нет слуха
  • He’s always blowing his own trumpet. He tells everyone how wonderful he is. – хвастаться
  • The others ran away, leaving him to face the music. He got punished for what they had all done. – расплачиваться
  • When I heard the news it was music to my ears, It was exactly what I wanted to her. – музыка для моих ушей

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