Some people say that they never dream. But it is not possible. Everybody has dreams, but some people just have a better memory for them than others. Every one and a half hours throughout the night we live our private fantasies in our dreams – we can forget the good behaviour of the day and we are free to behave in any way we want. Images from our past and present come together. But as soon as we wake, the dream starts to melt, and the more we try to remember the details, the more we forget.

Play the dream game

1.You are asleep and you are dreaming. In your dream you find yourself in your perfect house. What is it like? Describe it in detail.

2.Now you are walking along a narrow path. Suddenly you find a cup/glass/drinking vessel on the ground in front of you. What is it like? What is in it?

3.Now the path ends and you are walking in a wood. You walk quite a long way until you find a clearing. In the middle of the clearing is a building. What sort of building is it?

4.Around the building is a garden. Describe the garden.

5.You walk out of the garden and through the wood. At the edge of the wood there is a wall. The wall is too high to climb over, and it is too long to walk round. Suddenly you notice a small door in the wall. It slowly opens as you watch. What do you do? Do you go through the door?

6.On the other side of the wall is water. What does it look like? Do you want to swim in it?


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