Подготовка к собеседованию на английском

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1.Why did you choose this job?
– I have been interested in this work since I can remember
– the opportunities to interact with people
– to solve problems
– to work autonomously
– to help clients out of the office
– to be a team player in the office

2. What factors do you think determine a person’s progress in an organization?
– an ability to do the job well
– a willingness to learn new things and to adapt to changing circumstances
– to able to fit in with the culture of the organization
– high levels of drive and motivation

3. Why would you like to work for our organization?
– here I can maximixe my contribution
– I have researched that you are not only a market leader by also have a great work culture
– I have been told about the high levels of support, training and recongition for employees
– you offer great career prospects, interesting work
– the company offers challenging and cutting-edge work

4. What do you want to be doing in your career in five years from now?
– to be doing what I am doing now- to enjoy my work, work hard and contribute to the best of my abilities
– in five years time my added experience will provide for me greater responsibilities
– the most important thing is to be happy, productive and a valued member of the team

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