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Walk through the forest test interpretation

The interpretation

1. The forest= how you see your life right now, e.g., the darker and skarier the forest is, the more negative you feel about life right now.

2. The house = how you see yourself, e.g., the lighter the house, the more optimistic and positive your personnality. The number of bedrooms = the number of people you want close to you in your life. No fence = open-minded and outgoing.

3. The bear = your attitude to love and relationships. The smaller and friendlier the bear, the more affectionate you are and the more positive you feel about love. Running away from the bear = you are frightened of commitment.

4. The garden = how you see your country at the moment. The more well-kept and bright the garden, the more positive your view about your country.

5. The wall = the way you see the afterlife (e.g., life after death). If you hear happy voices singing behind the wall, you have an optimistic view of the afterlife.

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