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The house

The house is your idea of yourself. If your house is old, you probably do not like change, you like traditional things. If your house is large, t means you are quite confident, with a high opinion of yourself, If it is filled with light, you are optimistic. If it is dark, you are pessimistic. The number of rooms is the number of people you want in your life.

The cup

The cup is your idea of love. The more beautiful and valuable the cup, the more important love is in your life. You are a romantic person. The contents of the cup show what your experience of love has been so far.

The building

The building is your idea of religion and God. A strong building is a strong belief. A ruin would mean a lack of belief.

The garden

This is your idea of the world around you, your country, or the whole world. If the plants and flowers in your garden are dying, this might mean that you are worried about the environment and pollution in the world.

The wall

This is your idea of death. Is it the end or is there something after it? Do you go straight through the little door? Do you look and check before you go? Or don’t you want to go through at all?

The water

The water is your idea of your future. If there is a sea with bug waves, you feel positive and excited about your future. If you want to swim, you feel confident and want to take risks. If the water is a stagnant pool, you might fear your future and the future of the world.

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