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Личный кабинет

Количественные выражения

1. Plural or singular

The number of people we need to hire is thirteen.

A number of people have written in about this subject.

2. Expressions

1). A number of / the number of / numbers of — with countable nouns

a small number of cars

number of people

population figures

the number of managers

the number of tourists

numbers of children

2) Amount — with uncountable nouns

the amount/quantity of fruit

the amount of money

a large amount of sand

amount of power

3) The quantity of/quantities - for things that can be measured

large quantities of palm oil

a large quantity of oil 

4) Level — with some uncountable nouns

the level of carbon dioxide

crime levels

pollution levels

the level of ultraviolet

3 Adjectives

level/figures — high/low

number/amount/quantity — huge/great/large/small

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